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Isaacs Cattle

Our Goals

  1. Moderate birth weights: 2009 Angus calves average birth weight 77 lbs.
  2. Fertility and mothering ability.
  3. Efficient cow: On 4/15/08 all of our cows averaged 1,157 lbs.
    The two and three-year-olds averaged 1,063 lbs. and the running age cows averaged 1,299 lbs.
    On July 29, 2009 the bull calves averaged 501 lbs.
  4. Trouble free cows: No C-Sections or vet visits in 21 years.
  5. Quiet dispositions and longevity: Cows 15 years old in production.
  6. Satisfied customers: 85% repeat customers.
  7. Cattle that will finish in 12-14 months.
  8. Functional udder and teat structure.
  9. Uniform frame score 6 to 6.5. Uniform phenotype.
  10. Predictable performance. A high percentage of our customers sell their steers in one or two drafts.

          If these goals match your ranch goals, then we'd like to be your herd bull supplier.

We cull a minimum of 15% of our cow herd annually based on calf weaning weights in relationship to cow body weight, thus perpetuating the most efficient and predictable performing cows in our herd. These important traits are then passed on to our valued customers. Breeding cattle - a job we take seriously!
Ranch Headquarters & Dela.
2 & 3 year olds being fed on winter pasture.

Planned Programs Leave Little To Chance

Calves at Bunk

Uniform bulls from predictable cows make uniform calves!
Fertile bulls that keep growing on your ranch.
All bulls are hand fed twice a day.


Kittleson Calves

Martin Kittleson's market topping calves at Union Center, SD.

Nick & Elaine Isaacs
11344 US Highway 212
Belle Fourche, SD 57717
(605) 210-3555
(605) 210-3493

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