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Family and Friends

I'd like you to meet my family...

Left to right - Jesse, Shayna, Milo, Wyatt and Travis Isaacs; Hannah, Olivia and Clay Weaver; Elaine and Nick Isaacs.
Nick and Elaine
Travis, Shayna, Wyatt, Jesse and Milo Isaacs.
Clay, Olivia and Hannah Weaver.
Elaine & Rosie My wife, Elaine. The inset is Elaine with our Blue Heeler Rosie.
Tom & Mary Mercer, Nick & Elaine Isaacs.

Two men who have influenced my life tremendously...

Donald Isaacs Donald Isaacs - My Dad, always ready to lend a helping hand.
Tom Mercer Tom Mercer (Right) - My good friend & mentor from Paint Rock Angus.

Nick & Elaine Isaacs
11344 US Highway 212
Belle Fourche, SD 57717
(605) 210-3555
(605) 210-3493

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