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Our goal is to breed efficient cattle that will enhance customer profitability.

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Isaacs Cattle Co. is now located 3.5 miles east of Belle Fourche, SD on Hwy 212. Isaacs Cattle Co. bulls have small heads and tight sheaths. Their mothers are efficient. The WDA (Weight per Day of Age) is unmatched. All Angus calves born in 2009 averaged 77 lbs. birth weight. Our Angus cows, weighed on April 15, 2008 weighed an average of 1,157 lbs. The two's and three's average weight was 1,063 lbs. on the same day. On July 29, 2009 the bull calves averaged 501 lbs.

Our breeding program includes a combination of synchronizing, AI, natural pasture service, and hand breeding, depending on the weather and the bull battery. We normally synchronize our heifer calves and mature cows. Any cow that is 30 days post calving is a candidate to be AI'd.

For the past eight years except 2006 and 2009 we have weighed all our cows in the spring or at weaning time. We believe the area where we can have the most POSITIVE ECONOMIC impact for our customers is to produce efficient cattle. We weigh every cow and divide the cow's weight by the calf's actual weight on the day we wean to get an efficiency index. Normally we wean bulls the last week of August. Visitors are amazed at the performance we get from moderate size cows and often comment on how uniform our cow herd, heifer calves and bull calves are. Customers that have used our bulls for a few years have mentioned how productive their first calf heifers and young cows are. We receive comments like, "less or no calving difficulty, nice udders & teats and large calves on their young cows."

Every cow on this ranch is hand-picked to go with a specific bull for breeding after AI. The selection criteria for each cow is past successful breeding history and phenotype. We have been breeding the same phenotype and growth cycle for 14 years in our Angus herd and it sure makes for uniform, predictable cattle!

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