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2009 Customer Comments

You were right, Nick, that old Ford got us home just fine. You have a beautiful ranch and nice cattle and most importantly my 85-year-old mother thought you were a real nice guy.
- South Dakota customer

What a surprise when I opened the Midwest Messenger and read your ad for your cattle sale. Remember when we purchased Targhee rams from you folks. They were very good sheep. We hope that things are going well with you folks in the cattle business and you have a good cattle sale.
- Iowa friend

You have built an outstanding herd of Angus Cattle (& Hereford before now). What you have accomplished is something great, something people dream of doing. Your hard work, sweat, love, endurance and patience paid off. You have built a strong, dependable, renown, efficient herd. You have been steadfast as a herdsman and I believe your legend will live on. I don’t know anyone else who has put so much care into their herd and it shows.
- California

Just a note to let you know my best wishes for you on your up-coming sale. Am sorry though to know you won’t be in the cattle business anymore. So the very best in whatever your next step in life will be!!
- North Dakota friend


Hello, hope everything is going good in your country. Just wanted to send a few pictures of one of the bulls we purchased at your 2008 sale, Isaacs Bando 7143, Lot 42. He’s quite the bull, great disposition and a great sire. He is becoming a pet around the place and is a fun thing to do when we go to the pasture. I always have to walk out and give him a scratch on the back. The other day they were in the corral so I went and got my rope and I roped him and haltered him up and led him around the pen although he was leading me half the time. He got in the neighbor’s pasture one day so we walked over there, opened the gate and hollered at him and he plodded back into the pasture. It wasn’t his fault he got out in the first place because we had an old bull in the pasture too and he ran him out. I heard you were getting out of the bull business and are selling out but I just wanted to thank you for your hospitality and the wonderful and powerful bulls you have offered us. I wish you the best and hope to see you at your last sale! Thanks.
- Nebraska customer

Thank you very much with helping me start in the cattle business. I realize how you do business, and I really look highly upon it. Thanks for the great heifers and guidance.
- Kansas customer

Nick & Elaine Isaacs
11344 US Highway 212
Belle Fourche, SD 57717
(605) 210-3555
(605) 210-3493

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